Network Security Workshop

So after the Christmas lull we are back with some more workshops for the next few months. To start off we will be holding a security workshop on the 26th of January from 11am-4pm.   The plan for the day is to allow anyone with an interest in systems  and network offense/defense to learn with the group and others some new skills within in this area and to ask and answer questions on the subject.  We will set up a small network with a few machines configured with various security holes for testing purposes.   We all have various levels of experience in this area so its a good chance to learn something new and a chance to figure out what security flaws your own home/office system may be open to and how to fix them.  The idea is also to "learn together" so there will be no fixed agenda for the day. The workshop is free to members and 5 euro for non members.   Anyone wishing to attend should email        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed info with regards to what software/hardware is required .   Hope to see you there!