What happened to Lightbox Lab?

Seeing as this site has been very quiet for a long time I thought it about time one of us should update it with the current status of Lightbox Lab. I decided to write this as we often get questions about whether or not we still exist, run workshops, meetup etc. So the answers to all of these questions are, "well kind of". A few hackery makery types :-) started Lightbox Lab back in 2012, the aim of which was to create a hackerspace or makerspace in the Drogheda area to support people interested in all aspects of technology. Be their interests be in exploring, inventing, to work on projects with likeminded people or just to hang out and learn new skills, our aim was to have a space up and running and also run and paid for by its members. We were extremely lucky that the people behind Milmount RDC provided us with space for a number of years to help achieve this aim. However what we found to be very difficult to do was to sustain and build upon our membership. We found over the few years that we were actively running workshops, tutorials, attending events that the interest in the project did not seem to be out there or at least we were not reaching enough people. And so we eventually closed shop in Milmount RDC. We do still meetup on a monthly basis to discuss what projects we are working on and we discuss the ultimate aim of having a hackerspace in Drogheda! so our hopes to do so are still in place, and hopefully when there is enough interest to do so this will eventually become a reality. So if you are interested in seeing Drogheda have its own hackerspace and wish to get involved then contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow us on twitter @droghackspace