Irish Hackerspace Week: Security Night And Meetup 19/11


20120919 214238



As part of Irish Hackerspace Week Jonathan from #Lightboxlab put together a Security Night showing some prevention/detection and vulnerability discovery techniques. There was a great turnout of white hats on the night. Some VMWare Linux images running a number of vulnerabilities on a isolated network were setup, and we all connected onto the network and used some tools freely available. The tools of choice were part of BackTrack (BackTrack is now reborn as Kali Linux) which is a Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux Distribution. While I have had some experience of hardening servers with the help of Nessus a vulnerability and configuration assessment tool this was new to me. Looking at the exploits is something I'd never really had a chance to do so the night was a real eye opener. I've a feeling we'll be running another session quite soon judging by the interest on the night. 



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There was further discussions on the location, running and membership of #Lightboxlab and full details will go on the website soon.  Also talk of new events and tutorials were discussed. These will be submitted to the Droghackspace Google Group to get an idea of the level of interest and get an idea of numbers. The next meet up will be mainly centered around the Weather Balloon Project.